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We have been working with computers and electronics since 1983 in a wide variety of industries. We have worked with 1 person start-ups as well as being fully responsible for multi-million pound, multi-disciplinary projects for large blue-chip multinationals.  Rather than present a mega-list all our experiences and skills, we created categories to suit you and your business. The technical section is aimed at those already in high-tech organizations or may be more applicable if you are comfortable with IT jargon and want more technical details.

Please choose the category best suited to your business:


..small or young organization
  1 to 20 personnel


..medium sized business with
  15 to 200 personnel


..up to global large corporate
  more than 200 staff


..high-tech or IT business
  or if youre comfortable with IT jargon

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Areas that we cover which may be of interest to you: IT consultancy and solutions for small and medium sized business, IT experts, project management for corporate and technology or technical companies. We design and support: websites, databases, spreadsheets, business process reviews, computer hardware, software, network, systems, electronics, mobile data devices, PDA, email, webmail, POP3, IMAP, SMTP. We can provide dial up and broadband internet access, we install and commission wireless (802.11 a b g) and bluetooth links e.g. for Nokia or similar smartphone devices. We are experts in IBM Lotus Notes Domino for Admin (Administration) and Design / Development, we provide upgrade paths, bespoke or custom development / solutions, mail file improvements, iNotes, mobile notes and we specialize in data collaboration also known as: workflow, messaging, electronic documentation, automated processing. We are based between Wrexham, Clwyd and Chester, Cheshire and cover Wales, England, Scotland or the UK as a whole. Please contact us if you need help or would like to reduce costs and increase profits with regard to any of the following: purchase decisions, advice, product evaluation, technology reviews, intranet, internets, survey or feedback forms, web or online discussion or forums, document libraries, accounting or accounts systems e.g. sage or quicken, mobile phone technology, including SMS, GSM, GPRS and GPS (for location tracking),

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